Nintendo's Wii controller was the most popular video game accessory for the month of November based on sales. It outsold the next hottest accessory by over 20,000 units.

Sales of the remote-like device hit 270,000 units for November, representing more than half of the Wiis sold during the period, according to data from NDP group. Nintendo sold 460,000 of its next generation consoles for the month.

In second place was the Xbox 360 wireless controller from Microsoft, which sold 251,000 units. Rounding out the top three was the NDS Lite Starter Kit for the Nintendo DS, which sold 1540,000 units.

Sony's top selling accessory came from the company’s previous generation game system. Sales for Playstation 2 memory cards reached 152 thousand units, ranking 5th overall. The Sixaxis controller powering the Playstation 3 sold 98,000 units, capturing 7th place.