Nintendo is brining its physical fitness game to the U.S this summer, representatives said on Wednesday, as well as a downloadable game service.

At the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, the game maker said that the new game, dubbed Wii Fit, will debut on May 19 and will come with a motion sensing device called the Wii Balance Board.

Additionally, Wii Fit includes access to the Wii Fit Channel, an interactive channel that lets users check in each day to track their fitness progress through weight and BMI. In Japan, Wii Fit has sold more than 1.4 million units since its Dec. 1 launch.

The company will also launch WiiWare, a new downloadable game service set to launch May 12 and expands development opportunities for developers. The service will allow game publishers to distribute new titles over the Internet directly to users, instead of on discs.

Early WiiWare games will come from developers such as Square Enix, famous for the role-playing game franchise Final Fantasy.

Microsoft has a similar offering for its Xbox 360 console, the Xbox Live service.