It's an event 25 years in the making and the Nintendo World Championships 2015 have finally come. The tournament will challenge competitors across different games -- including "The Legend of Zelda" and "Splatoon" -- during E3 in Los Angeles and the champion will have bragging rights for a lifetime. The Nintendo World Championships 2015 live stream begins at 6 p.m. EDT (3 p.m. PDT).

The Nintendo World Championships 1990 and "The Wizard" are fondly remembered by most people who grew up with at least one video game system. The tournament was held across 29 cities to find the best gamer in America. There were three age brackets for the tournament -- 11 and under, 12-17 and 18 and over -- and the city champions would later compete in the finals at Universal Studios Hollywood.

Nintendo designed unique cartridges for the world championships. In the 1990 championships gamers competed in "Super Mario Bros.," "Rad Racer" and "Tetris." Each player, in the allotted time of 6 minutes and 21 seconds, had to collect 50 coins in the first stage of "Super Mario Bros.," complete a special course in "Rad Racer" and play "Tetris" for the remaining time or until game over. Points were calculated by combining the total score of "Super Mario Bros.," "Rad Racer" (multiplied by 10) and "Tetris" (multiplied by 25). Many of the challengers quickly completed the first two games in order to maximize the number of points they could get in "Tetris."

For the Nintendo World Championships 2015, 16 gamers will compete for the top score across eight games. Only two games have been revealed, but Nintendo said it will include games from the past and present. The company has remained pretty secretive about what is in store for the tournament, but did reveal in an interview with GameInformer that the champion will receive a gold-plated Mario statue.

"The reaction to the event has been massive. It’s gotten us really excited to see how hyped everyone is about the tournament-- a lot of which comes from both the history and legacy of the Nintendo World Championships and the love of 'The Wizard.' As far as who might be there –you know I can’t answer that! But I will say we have some fun treats in store," Nintendo Treehouse's Erik Patterson said to GameInformer.

Jordan DeMarco will be among the players competing in the Nintendo World Championships 2015. DeMarco, from Birmingham, Alabama, won the regional tournament in Dallas to book his ticket to Los Angeles. DeMarco credits a high score in "Dr. Mario" for the victory. DeMarco was playing the Championship Mode of "NES Remix" prior to the competition and that was also used for the regional tournament.

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