Motorola announced its road map for updating its Android tablets and smartphones in 2012, and the Droid Xyboard 10.1 won't get Android 4.0 until July at the earliest. Since the iPad 3 could debut in March, it might be a good time to try it instead of the Xyboard.

While it's not a sure bet the new iPad will include 4G connectivity, recent reports are pointing in that direction. As for pricing, the 16 gigabyte Xyboard 10.1 is $500, the same as the iPad 2. iPad 3 could debut as high as $600, possibly more if it has Siri the voice recognition software, but it could also stay right in line with the current model.

Clearly, Droid Xyboard is marketed as a Verizon device, and that means it goes for $630 on contract. But, that means a new contract and data plan, something many people simply do not want. Of course, the same thing is true if you want a 3G iPad 2, except they don't get any subsidized pricing from Verizon or AT&T. Motorola is waiting on updating almost every device they sell in the U.S., so the fact there is a timetable for the Xyboard at least lets those people who already have one know when to expect the update. Many other Motorola customers are still in the dark as to when or even if they will see the new Android system at all.

Apple hasn't announced the iPad 3 yet, but all signs are pointing to an early March launch. It could be a 10-inch tablet with an all new QXGA 2048x1536p resolution display and a quad-core processor. On the other hand, speculation is rampant about an iPad 2S, or even an 8-inch device instead.

Compare those features to the Xyboard, and iPad 3 comes close to winning. Xyboard 10.1 has 16 gigaybtes of storage, a 1280x800p resolution HD display, dual cameras, Gorilla Glass, a full gigabyte of memory, dual-core processor and HDMI port for hooking up to an HDTV. The delayed Android 4.0 update for Xyboard really hurts it in a fight with the iPad 3, but even if it were to get the update in, say May, it still might not be enough to hold of the iPad. That could change if it turns out to be an iPad 2S or if it's $600, but we won't know for a few more weeks.

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