A number of major PC manufacturers have issued recalls on batteries manufactured by Sony Corp in recent months, citing the potential for failures leading to hazardous explosions. Despite the growing concern, HP, decided on Tuesday that its systems are safe and that the company will not issue any recalls.

HP has worked with Sony to review Sony battery cells used in HP notebooks, the company said in a statement. Based on this review, the companies are confident that because of HP’s PC system configuration, HP notebooks using Sony battery cells are not prone to overheating issues that have recently been observed.

Suffering from a problem with manufacturing, some batteries manufactured by the Japan-based Sony have exploded without warning, destroying notebook computers and in some cases, evacuating buildings.

Dell began recalling the batter in August, with Apple Computer following suit, and Toshiba issuing a recall last week. HP and Sony contend, however, that there are currently no safety issues with regard to HP battery packs using 2.4Ah or 2.6Ah Sony cells.

After discussing the issues with Sony, we believe that we have the proper charging and circuit protections in place to prevent an overheating episode, said Ted Clark, a senior vice president at HP.