A noisy kid was hit by a fellow moviegoer who was fed up with the alleged ruckus the child was causing at an AMC movie theater in Washington state.

The man, Yong Hyun Kim, who told police that he thought the noisy 10-year-old kid was actually an adult, punched the boy in the face while watching Titanic 3D. The noisy kid had a bloody nose and lost a tooth in the confrontation.

Kim was with his girlfriend at the theater and claimed that he had asked the noisy people sitting behind him to quiet down and stop throwing popcorn before he hit the one young boy, but all they did was laugh, according to The Associated Press.

The allegedly noisy kid, identified in the police report as KJJ, said he was at the theater with three friends. They claimed they were watching the movie and talking when Kim told them to be quiet. After they quieted down, KJJ said he whispered something to one of his friends and that is when Kim jumped over the seat, threw an iced drink at the boys and punched KJJ in the face, according to The AP.

I got so mad that it just happened, Kim, 21, told police. Kim alleged that the boys did more than just talk. He said they were hitting him and his girlfriend with popcorn, running up and down the aisles and bumping him with their arms.

At one point Yong stepped over the seats and confronted the subjects behind him, the police report says. Yong said he was talking to the subjects when they started laughing at him. Yong said he became so angry and swung his arm at one of the subjects and hit him in the face.

A manager at the Washington state movie theater spoke about the incident that occurred with the noisy kid, emphasizing that AMC cares about its guests' experiences.

We strongly encourage guests to be respectful of their fellow moviegoers, and to report any disturbance to an AMC associate, so that we may handle it directly, AMC Theatres spokesman Ryan Noonan said in a statement to The AP. The safety and security of our guests and associates is important to us, and we want everyone to enjoy the moviegoing experience.

Noonan sad that no one had complained about misbehavior in the audience before the 10-year-old boy was hit.

Yong Hyun Kim was arrested on April 11 at the AMC Kent Station 14 in the Seattle suburb of Kent. Kim spent the night in the Kent city jail and appeared April 12 in King County District Court, reported The AP. He was released but subsequently charged with second-degree assault on May 16.  He will be arraigned May 31.