AT&T will debut the Nokia Lumia 900 April 9 in stores around the country with online sales to open the day before, a new report says. We don't have confirmation of the price, but it's widely believed to be coming out at $100 on contract, tech blog WPCentral reported. Additionlly, we don't know the off contract price should people be thinking of going in that direction. We're also hearing reports Microsoft and Nokia are going to launch a massive marketing campaign to ge these little blue guys into people's hands and fast.

The Lumia 900 will be available in cyan and black with the magenta flavor coming out later. Supposedly, each color has a slightly different texture as well. What does this mean for launch dates of other anticipated AT&T phones like the HTC Titan II? We don't know that either, but it won't likely be long before it drops as well. Begin the slideshow to catch up on the Lumia 900's features, and tell us in the comments if you're leaning towards the Lumia and which color.