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Windows 8 RT Tablets: Asus Vivo Price Tag Likely To Start At $599; Billed Expensive

As the world keenly watches the next-round of the tablet war with Microsoft and its longstanding partners gearing up to launch the tablets that run on Windows 8 OS and Apple designing the launch of a smaller version of iPad in the same month, rumors are rife that Microsoft's hardware partner Asus has priced the Vivo Tab RT model at $599.
Facebook Inc CEO Mark Zuckerberg

Technology Focus: Zuck's Good Week Without Changing Name

Facebook (Nasdaq: FB), the No. 1 social networking site, had a good week: its shares vaulted 15 percent after CEO Mark Zuckerberg appeared at a forum in San Francisco where he acknowledged mistakes. Now, with Instagram tucked in and commitments for search and mobile, is it a time for another look at half price?


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