Nokia, the world's top mobile phone maker, unveiled on Wednesday a new online music store, new top-end handsets and a global gaming service as it takes on recent rival U.S. rival Apple.

The Finnish firm, which sells more than one third of the world's cell phones, is looking for new sources of revenue from services and content as the industry matures and voice prices continue a decline.

Chief Executive Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo told a London news conference the company would start to sell touch screen phones -- Nokia's answer to Apple's iconic iPhone handsets -- using its popular S60 software next year.

U.S. consumer electronics company Apple, which broke into the cell phone industry in January, saw its long-awaited iPhone handsets fly off shelves when the sleek, touch screen multimedia device hit U.S. stores in June.

As speculation mounts about when iPhones will go on sale in Europe, Nokia unveiled four new phone models including a top-end music and gaming phone, the N81, and a new version of its top profit generator, the N95 handset.

It also unveiled two mid-priced music phones: the Nokia 5310 and 5610.

Kallasvuo said he expected the global multimedia phone market to grow by 50 percent to 120 million units this year from 80 million in 2006.

Nokia said it would roll out its own music store in key European markets later this year, with songs selling for 1 euro ($1.36) each.

Nokia's own gaming service will start in November. The cost of games, when full versions are purchased, will range from 6 euros to 10 euros ($8.16-$13.59).

Nokia's share price rose 2.47 percent to 22.83 euros by 7:05 a.m. EDT, outperforming a one percent rise on the European DJS Stoxx index.