On Wednesday Congressman Chris Lee, R-NY, resigned after an online publication broke the story on the married Representative's 'shirtless' attempts to woo a woman on Craiglist in response to an ad in the 'Women for Men' section. Lee's scandal is the latest in a very long list. Sex scandals of varying magnitudes in connection with political figures have surfaced over the decades across the globe. In the United States alone, there is a massive history of sex scandals from the high-profile scandals of the Presidents to the flirty adventures of Senators.

Former President Bill Clinton's sexual relations with Monica Lewinsky is probably the first such affair that comes to mind. However, Clinton followed many others, including President John F. Kennedy who was rumored to have many different affairs while in the public eye. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt's affair with his wife's social secretary Lucy Mercer is also among the widely discussed scandals, especially in books.

While the scandals and affairs of politicians at the highest level are much-publicized and well-known, this slideshow recalls a selection of non-Presidential political 'sexcapades' in the recent past.