At least five people are now dead and 123 injured after Nordine Amrani allegedly threw hand grenades and emptied a rifle into a crowded square on Tuesday.

The Guardian has reported that an elderly woman later died of the injuries she sustained, as did a 23-month infant and a 20-year-old man.

The Associated Press reported that two male students, 15 and 17 years old, also died in the attack. An 18-month-old toddler died in hospital, according to The AP, noting that the 75-year-old woman who was first listed as dead has been removed from the list.

Amrani is among the five people who have been reported dead. Witnesses have said the lone gunman shot himself in the head after emptying his rifle into the crowd at Saint-Lambert square where a Christmas market was being held. This was after he threw three grenades into the crowd.

The Guardian reported that the market gets 1.5 million visitors each year.

Authorities have told the media they are unsure whether Amrani committed suicide.

Liege prosecutor Daniele Reynders has told the media that Amrani, 33, was convicted on charges of drug and illegal arms possession, as well as for holding stolen goods.

In 2008, Amrani was sentenced to 58 months in prison when police found 10 firearms, 9,500 gun parts and 2,800 cannabis plants in his home, according to the Telegraph.

Amrani was granted early release last year, but he was on his way to a police questioning when he carried out the attacks, according to reports.

At no moment in any of the judicial proceedings against him was there a sign of a disturbance, Reynders told the media.

Interior Ministry official Peter Mertens also told The Associated Press that the attack didn't involve terrorism.

Police also told The Guardian that there were no indications that Amrani was involved with terrorism and there wasn't any evidence of ideological motivation for the murders.

Willy Demeyer, the mayor of Liege, has also said that Amrani's attack was an isolated act which has sown sorrow in the heart of the city.

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