UPDATE 10:05 p.m. EST -- The projectiles fired by North Korea were fired from the eastern coastal town Wonsan, said defense spokesman Moon Sang Gyun, the Associated Press reported. Authorities were reportedly  attempting to determine what exactly North Korea fired; the projectiles could have been missiles, artillery or rockets, according to the Defense Ministry.

Original story:

North Korea has reportedly fired short-range projectiles into the sea, the Associated Press reported Wednesday night. The move comes just hours after the United Nations approved tougher sanctions on Pyongyang. 

Yonhap News Agency also reported that North Korea had launched “several” short-range missiles toward the East Sea. North Korea faces harsh new sanctions after the United Nations Security Council voted unanimously Wednesday on a resolution that radically expands existing sanctions, following North Korea’s nuclear test in January and a rocket launch in February.

"Virtually all of the DPRK's [North Korea] resources are channeled into its reckless and relentless pursuit of weapons of mass destruction,"  U.S. Ambassador Samantha Power told the council after Wednesday's vote, Reuters reported.