North Korean leader Kim Jong-il's love life is spotted with disturbing facts, shedding light on the dictator's ways of managing his personal life.

The North Korean dictator executed a woman after she rejected his advance.

Yun Hye-yong was the lead singer of Kim's former favorite band Pochonbo Electronic Ensemble, according to author Chang Jin-song, who was formerly affiliated with the North Korean Workers' Party and has inside stories of the regime.

His book Kim Jong-il's Last Woman' describes how the dictator ordered Yun's songs to be used for the mass gymnastic performance Arirang, and even attended a concert with her. She was seated right next to him, a rarity. The dictator had also sent officials to Europe to buy her elaborate stage costumes and accessories.

But all in all, the dictator who was used to being in control and having his way, failed to win Hye-yong's heart despite the favors, for her heart was already taken.

She was in love with the band's pianist.

Kim's agents discovered their relationship via a phone tap and Yun's life was suddenly in peril.

Choosing death over being discovered alive, both Yun and her lover jumped from the roof of Mokran House, an official banquet hall.

The pianist died on the spot, but Yun was resuscitated and then executed in 2003 while she was in a coma with an IV drip.

Kim had four wives.

Some reports explain that Kim was officially married once to Kim Young Sook, and the other three are mistresses.

Kim's first mistress, Song Hye-rim, was a North Korean film actress. She was married to another man at the time they met, but Kim forced her husband to divorce. She is believed to have died in Moscow in 2002. They had one child, Kim's eldest son Kim Jong-nam.

Second mistress Ko Young-hee was a Japanese-born ethnic Korean and a dancer. She was First Lady until her death - reportedly of cancer - in 2004. They had two sons, Kim Jong-chul and Kim Jong-un. Jong-un was hand-picked by his father among the sons to succeed him.

Kim Ok, his third mistress, virtually acts as North Korea's first lady and accompanies Kim on visits to military bases and meetings.

Ok was introduced to the public's eye in July of 2006. She is a piano major at a university in Pyongyang, and is believed to have married the leader in June 2004 after his third wife died.

While mistresses Song Hye-rim and Ko Young-Hee were not exclusively trained to entertain Kim, Kim OK was selected for such a purpose and often entertained him.

She was most recently spotted travelling with Kim in China. Ok strengthened her influence after nursing the reclusive dictator since his stroke back in August 2008.

More Lovers?

Aside from his four wives, Kim is known to have a number of illicit lovers. One such lover, an actress by the name of Woo In-hui, was publicly executed for speaking out about her relationship with Kim.

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