The personal lives of politicians have always been of interest to the public. While most North Koreans know very little about the personal life of their leader, Kim Jong-un, new reports reveal he was part of a tangled love triangle.

According to the South Korean Chosun Ilbo newspaper, sources have disclosed new information claiming that his wife, Ri Sol-ju, wasn’t always the only object of the leader’s affection. According to the report, Ri Sol-ju had competition with another woman, Seo Un-hyang, up until shortly before Kim Jong Un and Ri Sol-ju were married.

Seo reportedly caught the attention of Kim while she was working as a performer and singer with the Unhasu Orchestra for Kim’s father, and leader at the time, Kim Jong-Il. According to a report by the Telegraph, the orchestra was famous for its patriotic and nationalistic music, was known for hits such as “She is a Discharged Soldier” and “Excellent Horse-Like Lady.”

Seo is a little bit of a famous figure in her own light. After studying music at a university, she went on to star in a number of the country’s propaganda films in addition to singing with the band. Sources told the South Korean paper that Seo was “a good singer and had an outgoing personality,” and held herself much casually even when in front of the country’s political elite. But apparently, it wasn’t her singing talent that attracted Kim. “There were rumors that Kim Jong-un fell for her Western features,” the source said. Kim was even allegedly contemplating marrying Seo until his closest advisers suggested he pick Ri instead. The report says that the political advisers preferred Ri because she held a close resemblance to Kim Jong-suk, the wife of Kim Il-sung, the highly regarded founder of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. Jong-suk is held in high esteem amongst the North Korean people, and is often considered to be the mother of the nation.

Miss Seo continued to perform with the Unhasu Orchestra after it became clear that Kim had picked Ri. Kim Jong-un’s former girlfriends don’t have the strongest track records for survival: Earlier this year, one of Kim Jong-un’s girlfriends, Hyon Song-wol, who was also a pop star, was allegedly executed for violating the country’s law on pornography.