The Commander of North Korea's Satellite Integrated Control Center, Paek Chung-ho, has informed foreign press visiting North Korea's launch center on Wednesday that their satellite had already been successfully installed into the rocket and that the Unha-3 was now being fueled.

The North Korea official added that allowing journalists to visit the center was a direct order from Kim Jong-un.

According to North Korean news organizations, the young Kim was officially named first secretary of the Korean Worker's Party on Wednesday, formally cementing his political position.

The late Kim Jong-il, also referred to as the Dear Leader was symbolically named the Eternal General Secretary.

No Influence From China

Japan has placed its nuclear, biological and chemical response units on notice in order to respond to any leakages from the missile if it falls onto its territory.

Meanwhile, experts in the U.S., China, and other countries continue to debate the effect and influence China can exert on the North at this critical time. 

Although many believe that China can use its influence and growing economic relationship to pressure North Korea, others have claimed that the Chinese leadership in fact has very little influence on North Korean statesmen.

On Wednesday morning in China, a popular internet forum hosted by The People's Daily online invited Luo Zhaohui, the director of the department of Asian affairs in China's foreign ministry, to respond to questions and comments about world events.

Netizens asked Luo whether China had provided North Korea with large amounts of grain and food assistance very recently, possibly as a response to America's suspension of assistance in light of the recent launch.

Luo responded that For China to do everything in its power to assist North Korea when it faces difficulties demonstrates the tradition of friendly relations between the nations. It is very normal.