New details of life reveal that Anders Behring Breivik harbored deep resentment of his diplomat father, the Telegraph reported.

Breivik spent the first year of his life in London, where his father Jen Breivik was stationed at the Norwegian embassy.

The senior Mr. Breivik already had three children when he met Anders' mother, Wenche Behring. Anders was born in Feburary 1979, but within a year they had split up. Anders and his mother returned to Oslo and his father stayed in London.

Anders' diplomat father soon married again and moved to Paris. When Anders was still a young child, he would visit his father in Paris during school holidays, but by the time he turned 15, they seemed to have lost contact altogether.

Breivik mentioned his absent father repeatedly in his 1,500-page manifesto. "I have not spoken to my father since he isolated himself when I was 15--he was not very happy about my graffiti phase from 13 to  16."

"He has four children but has cut contact with all of them. So it is pretty clear whose fault that was."

"I tried contacting him five years ago but he said he was not mentally prepared for a reunion."

 The senior Mr. Breivik expressed his shock at the killings and how extreme his estranged son had become.

"I view this atrocity with absolute horror," he told reporters.

Anders grew up being close to his mother, but at the same time, he disapproves the kind of upbringing she gave him.

He wrote: "I do not approve of the super-liberal, matriarchal upbringing as it completely lacked discipline and has contributed to feminise me to a certain degree."

Anders appears to have had few relationships and records being teased by friends for living with his mother and not having a girlfriend.