Hundreds of relatives of those killed in the shooting spree on Utoya Island made their first pilgrimage to the scene of the crime where Anders Behring Breivik committed the largest peacetime attack Norway has ever seen.

The family members were boated over to the holiday island, some 25 miles from Oslo, nearly one month after Breivik, dressed as a policeman, ran wild with rifles and pistols, killing members of a youth camp at will.

When he had finished, 69 were killed, nearly half of whom were under the age of 18.

The family members placed small shrines marking the final resting places of loved ones. To help them, police officers had marked each spot.

Forensic experts have combed the island to pinpoint the last moments of the dead as they tried to hide, flee, and swim to safety, even bringing Breivik back last week to recreate the horrific details of the hour-long event.

As the 500 or so relatives walked the small island, psychiatrists were on hand to assist those for whom the experience became overwhelming.

Later in the day, the majority of the 517 survivors - 66 of whom were injured - will take part in a separate visit.