The Twitter revolution now includes an unlikely user… the Taliban of Afghanistan and Pakistan.

While the Taliban has long eschewed modern technology (for example television, CDs, etc,), even they have understood the importance and necessity of modern social networking.

The Taliban (which ruled Aghanistan between 1996-2001) which likes to call itself “The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan” has commenced tweeting in the Pashto and English languages.

The Taliban Twitter page can be accessed here.

The IEA posts several messages daily on the page on its feed

The account holder (or Twitter user) is someone named Mostafa Ahmedi.

Many of the tweets link to news stories on the IEA website. Messages posted in English today include “8 local minions killed, 7 wounded in Kunduz province” and “US invaders spy plane shot down in Wardag.”

Bartnett Rubin, Senior Fellow at NYU's Center for International Cooperation, told The New York Daily News: It appears [The Taliban] want to improve their outreach. Mobile phones are very widespread in Afghanistan, but computers are not. Hence this makes a lot of sense.