Siri was the talk of the town when Apple launched its latest smartphone iPhone 4S Oct. 14 and it fascinated the techies.

However, the application left many of its users disappointed because of some technical glitches. Many people either stopped using it or took to the social networking Web sites to share their bad experience with the new feature. But some hackers went ahead and experimented with the tool. They managed to turn Siri almost into a robot.

Hackers have found ways to get their work done by Siri, which ranges from starting a car to pouring a glass of beer when its user is tiered of driving (see videos below).

According to a TechCrunch report, Developer Brandon Fiquett is behind this little hack. Building off the same Siri Proxy server that allows @plamoni to control a thermostat over WiFi, Fiquett has created a plugin that interacts with a PHP script that lives on his own Web server. That PHP script allows Fiquett to send commands to any (registered) car with a Viper SmartStart system, which in this case means his silver Acura TL.

See how Siri starts your car:

You can also ask Siri to pour a glass of beer when you are thirsty and don't want of open and do the little work. Just ask Siri, and it will also be done in a minute.

When you ask it to do so, Siri texts pour me a beer to Beeri's (the new application) Twitter account while Beeri's onboard Arduino Uno w/WiFi shield polls the Twitter API for any new pour commands. Once Beeri sees the tweet, it pours beers for all who are thirsty. Without a doubt, beer is a tool for the creative class.

Watch the making of Beeri: