An Associated Press story back in August revealed that the NYPD had been spying on Muslim organizations around New York City. However, recent evidence shows that the network of spying may not have just been limited to the city but extended across the Northeast to at least 16 colleges and universities.

As a part of its investigations, NYPD agents infiltrated student groups and trolled the websites of Muslim student groups across the region. Schools included in the investigation including Yale University, New York University, Rutgers University and at least 13 others.

Groups across the region are outraged by the news. Monday night the Muslim student association at NYU held an emergency meeting to discuss their plan of action, while Rutgers University has already demanded a probe of the NYPD for its investigations. 

The NYPD, though, has defended its actions saying that it was trying to get a handle on the student association situation, supporting its claim with a list of people from these groups who have been arrested or have been placed on the American terror list.