An unidentified NYPD officer is currently live on Reddit, answering the websites' users' live questions about Occupy Wall Street and other issues.

The cop, who said he or she is on the OWS detail, has gone through an impressive number of questions so far, and is showing no signs of stopping, though he or she said it will impossible to answer the more than 1,500 inquiries that had come in by late Sunday afternoon.

Hello, reddit. I've been following the recent posts about Occupy around here. I would be more than happy to answer whatever questions I can about the NYPD, the current state of OWS in New York, and anything else you feel is necessary to ask, said his Reddit post announcing the Q&A . I have been a PO for about 2 years now, so I am fairly new as most of the members of service would say. However, after being apart of the OWS detail for awhile, I feel that I can answer your questions in a decent manner.

The officer declined to provide his or her name, but says he or she has contacted Reddit moderators, who have verified the person's identity as an actual NYPD police officer.

The officer said in an edit to his original posting that he or she is pleasantly surprised by the positive tenor of the conversation,

Thanks for not being [jerks] to me, reddit, I was expecting a lot of harsh comments but overall you're asking intelligent questions and being cordial, he said after answering a slew of questions.

The queries are interesting, as are his responses.

What would be the most important change OWS could make in its actions or messages that would help make a bridge to the NYPD? one questioner asked.

Stop fighting us as if we are the '1%.'We aren't. We have families of our own and a career to look after, the officer replied. If you are calm and not screaming in our faces about something we can't control, we won't bother you.