At 6pm this evening President Barack Obama will have a somewhat different meeting on his agenda as he meets with the two men he joined last week at the center of an uproar over race in America for a few cold ones outside the president's oval office.

Many are filled with curiosity as to what kind of beer the president will serve Harvard professor, Henry Louis Gates Jr. who was arrested on July 16 by white police officer, James Crowley. Obama invited the two men in a bid to quell a furious debate over police relations with minorities that began when news broke out.

Late Wednesday, White House spokesman Robert Gibbs hinted the president would serve according to the likes of his guests. Professor Henry Louis Gates Jr. will drink Red Stripe and Sergeant James Crowley will cool down with a Blue Moon The president will drink Bud Light, Gibbs added.
The three beers are all products of foreign companies. Red Stripe is brewed by London-based Diageo PLC. Blue Moon is sold by a joint venture in which London-based SABMiller has a majority stake.
Bud Light is made by Anheuser-Busch -- which is now known as Anseuser-Busch InBev NV after getting bought last year by a giant Belgian-Brazilian company.

No media will be allowed to join the event. Gates and Crowley are expected to have their families with them for tours and pictures.

Obama has said he hoped the incident in Cambridge ends up being what's called a teachable moment for the country.