President Barack Obama was golfing during his vacation at Martha's Vineyard as the East Coast Earthquake struck, according to ABC News.

While it is unknown if the President is aware of the earthquake, he is seen in a video posted by ABC News taking a phone call, interrupting his golfing match with Eric Whitaker and Marvin Nicholson. It is not known whether or not the call he took was regarding the earthquake.

The East Coast Earthquake struck shortly before 2 p.m. eastern time at a 5.8 magnitude. According to the United States Geological Survey (USGS), the quake happened 27 miles east of Charlottesville, Va., with the movement lasting no more than 30 seconds.

The earthquake is said to have struck a majority of the East Coast, beginning in Virginia and Washington D.C., to New York City, and continued up to Toronto, Canada.

The earthquake, one of the largest to hit the metro Washington area, prompted the evacuation of the Pentagon and nearby buildings. President Obama and his family were unaffected as they were at Martha's Vineyard during the earthquake.

See the video below as Obama takes a call while golfing in Marth'as Vineyard as the East Coast Earthquake struck: