President Obama announced today the new head chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff to be US Army Chief General Martin Dempsey who will replace Admiral Mike Mullen. 

Obama spoke highly of Dempsey  calling him one of the nation's respected and combat tested generals.  The decision was made prior to the Arlington Cemetery Memorial day ceremony in honoring war veterans who died fighting for America. 

I expect him to push all our forces to be ready for the military of tomorrow...We will provide whatever it takes to achieve our objectives in the current fight, said Obama.

Dempsey was a graduate of the U.S. Military Academy at Westpoint where he led troops in Iraq as well as training Afghan military as head of the Multi National Security and Transition Command. He has been awarded with an additional general's star for all his fast track promotions and service. 

The decision was made amongst the growing pressure to withdraw troops in Afghanistan as well as Iraq.  Dempsey will have the responsibility of leading Pentagon and military operations which also includes overseeing military spending budgets.

General Raymond Odierno will be succeeding Dempsey's Army Chief of Staff position as he prepares for the new role on October 1, 2011.  Obama also announced the Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs will be Navy Admiral James A. Winnefeld.  This would complete a new selected national security team by the Obama administration in preparation for downsizing troops in the Afghanistan war.  The President's nominations will await Senate confirmation to complete the appointments.