Six people affiliated with the Occupy D.C. and Stop The Machine movements were arrested on Tuesday for demonstrating inside the Hart Senate Office Building to press for passage of the American Jobs Act.

Nearly 100 protestors reporteldy gathered in front of the building Tuesday morning to advocate the legislation, which the U.S. Senate is currently debating. Unemployed workers and supporters are planning a candlelight vigil and prayer at 3 p.m Tuesday, several hours before the vote in the Senate will occur, according to multiple reports.

The U.S. Capitol Police reports the detained protesters were charged with unlawful conduct for protesting inside the Hart Senate Building, where multiple senators have offices.

Video footage from television news stations show the demonstrators attempting to unfurl a banner inside the building that said Tax the Rich. The banner was grabbed by a police officer before they were arrested.

The American Jobs Act is expected to face a considerable amount of opposition in the Senate. Although Democrats control the majority with 53 votes, Republican are almost entirely opposed to the legislation, meaning Democrats are unlikely to obtain the 60 votes needed to break a filibuster.