Occupy San Francisco (Occupy SF), a movement against economic and social inequality, began on September 17, 2011 with a group of disgruntled men and women from every walk of society, setting up a camp in the Financial District.

The movement later spread to Union Square and the protestors also set up their camp at Justin Herman PLaza.

Initially, the protest was peaceful but it took a violent turn as the protestors clashed with the police who forcibly destroyed their camps and took away the protestors' belongings.

On Saturday afternoon, the Department of Public Works (PWD) cleaned out a section of the Occupy SF camp at Justin Herman Plaza, as, according to PWD Director Mohammed Nuru, it was definitely an area that was becoming a huge health hazard.

It looked like a war-zone when dozens of PWD workers arrived alongside the plaza dressed in blue jumpsuits, protective gloves and clinic masks and were met with resistance from the protesters.

However, the protesters could do little as they faced several notices of violations. The PWD workers tore down the tents and cleared the garbage, that comprised of soiled cardboards and trash.

Nuru said that most areas of the camp were not in compliance with the city's health and hygiene guidelines. He was not wrong because one could see feces smeared on the grass and trash littered around.

Occupy SF representatives, however, feel that the city officials are only trying to find a way of silencing the voice of this movement.

Occupy SF protesters are making efforts to fulfill the complex maze of unachievable requirements the city has hurled at the camp, the representatives said in a statement.

The protesters also said they are doing all they can to make Occupy SF organized and peaceful so that the movement can be a success. But it's not easy as the camp often faces drug and alcohol problems and has its own share of violent troublemakers who cause ruckus.

However, most of the protesters are united and peaceful. Jack, a volunteer in a kitchen, said, We here like a family, We help each other. Everyone are volunteering what they can do. I also work in the kitchen. Here, we have Security guard, library, information center, medical center and also an area for the senior.

When asked how is the Occupy SF movement been able to sustain this long, Jack said, Everything here is free, people donate to us food, sleeping bag and tents. All these are from our supporters. Some of the churches and organizations and even local restaurants also donate things to us to make Occupy SF a success.

Jack joined the Occupy SF movement because last year he lost his job thrice. We should stop the inequality, he said.

Jason, another protestor, said I will stay here till the end. I have my own reasons to be here.

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