The New School in Greenwich Village opened its arms to Occupy Wall Street protesters Friday and allowed them to crash for the night. About 100 OWS participants safely slept the night, according to assistant professor of politics and advocacy Jeff Smith told The conservative Wall Street Journal. 

The school was founded by refugees from fascist Europe during WWII. The school's offer to protesters is currently limited to those who are university students, from any school, according to Peter Taback, assistant vice president of communications at the New School. The paper reported that the school and protesters  had agreed that  the 6,699-square-foot space will house no more than 140 inidviduals at a time.

The paper also reported that an email from its President David Van Zandt stated that the space was initially occupied by protestors at around 5 p.m. Thursday, at which point they posted signs in the window. In a courteous exchange, we reached an agreement that The New School would not have the protesters forcibly removed at this time, according to the email. In turn they agreed that they would not disrupt classes, interfere with other tenants in the building, or violate its legal occupancy limit.