Golfer Justin Rose might have won the U.S. Open at the Merion Golf Club in Ardmore, Pa., Sunday, but everyone appeared to be talking about Billy Horschel’s octopus pants. Was this supposed to be a joke? Some people couldn’t seem to figure out why the athlete would don the bizarrely printed pants for the event, while others wanted to know where they could buy similar slacks.

On Wednesday, Horschel employed his Twitter account to provide a few different pictures for the U.S. Open. Most of them appeared to show more or less typical golfing attire (assuming such exists), with the exception of some bright plaid pants and, of course, the unforgettable octopus pants that he paired with a magenta shirt -- and which practically stole the show Sunday.

Horschel seems to be pretty proud of his blue-and-white octopus pants and even tweeted a picture of himself in the strange trousers Sunday morning:



The image post by the former Univeristy of Florida golfer was retweeted almost 750 times and flagged as a favorite nearly times by Sunday night.

However, Horschel's unusual fashion statement didn’t really surprise everyone. According to his PGA Tour biography, he has read the Stephanie Meyer “Twilight” series, which is a young-adult vampire saga that is a major hit among teenagers, in only two weeks and is “a believer in Bigfoot and UFOs.”

As far as wearing bad pants goes, that’s apparently the thing to do in amateur golf tournaments, according to the Associated Press. Some of those tourneys even require participants to show up wearing them.

Some people have even wondered where they can buy the RLX golf pants made by Ralph Lauren, which cost about $100. The slacks aren’t currently shown on the brand’s website, but, with the stir they made Sunday, it wouldn't be surprising if the company had them for sale as soon as possible.

Denizens of the Twitterverse had plenty to say when it came to Horschel’s pants. Check out some of the comments: