The passion for fashion has no boundaries at all. Well, the creators appear to drift-off in the dream world and come up with bizarre yet utterly ingenious and nifty creations, inspired by all extremes of the world.

British statesman Lord Chesterfield has said, When a person is in fashion, all they do is right.

Models on the ramp of fashion shows are mere guinea pigs muddled in all eerie ensembles. From vampire, jinxed hoodoo, half-martins, to Disneyland creatures and barbies, they have to endure it all.

They look like costumes, or rather fashion victims, with the entire body decked with weird attire and uneasy accessories, which is unexplainably difficult to pull off amid hundreds of staring eyes. 

Versace once said, When a woman alters her looks too much from season to season, she become a fashion victim.

Check out the photographs and see how true it is in today's world.