If you are an Oregon Ducks or Ohio State Buckeyes fan, and you have a quarter of a million dollars to burn, you can watch the College Football Playoff finale at AT&T Stadium right on the field. The premium Touchdown Suite ticket for the inaugural college football championship is going for $240,000 on StubHub.com, and many of the top suites on the secondary-market site are in the five-figure range.

But avid 99 percenter fans shouldn’t fret, since some lower priced deals are available on StubHub. The stadium also expands from a regular capacity of 80,000 to 100,000, creating more opportunities for fans to get inside.

And In fact many tickets are expected to be resold at less than face value. According to ESPN reporter Darren Rovell, tickets are going for less $450 on some sites. Seats in the upper corner of one of the end zones are available for as little as $444, and fans willing splurge more can find seats in the $500 to $700 range on StubHub. Over at TicketCity.com, the site shows as many as 60 tickets available at $413 a pop, and there are many available for less $500.

One of the best deals fans could explore is over at VividSeats.com. Tickets are going for as low as $356, even if they are at the highest possible level of AT&T Stadium. And fans can still see all the action from the massive 160-foot-long, 71-foot-high high-definition videoboard that runs between both 25-yard lines.

Fans who happen to come across a deal that’s too good to be true should exercise extreme caution. As reported by Oregon Live, one Ducks fan named Patrick Leonard found four tickets with access to the Field Level Club and Founders Club on StubHub for $414.84 apiece and quickly purchased them for over $1,600. However, he was later charged more than $16,000 since the seats should have been sold for more than $4,000 apiece.

Leonard tried to get StubHub to honor the original deal, but instead they rescinded his original purchase, and gave him a $1,600 credit.