Oklahoma would stay in the Big 12 if Dan Beebe is removed as commissioner, among other concessions, according to a report.

The Oklahoman reports that Oklahoma would remain in the Big 12, despite interest in the Pac-12, if an interim commissioner is hired and the conference appropriately deals with Texas' Longhorn Network.

It's going to take major, major reforms for OU, and thus Oklahoma State, to consider remaining in the Big 12, a source told the newspaper. We'd have to have an interim commissioner.

The sacrifice of Beebe, who many have criticized for his incompetencies in dealing with the shifting college athletics dynamic, could ultimayely save the Big 12, but it isn't Oklahoma's only request.

Oklahoma would also like for Texas to pump the brakes on some of its plans with its Longhorn Network. The Longhorn Network, a broadcast deal with ESPN, is considered to be one of the main reasons that Texas A&M plans to leave the conference for the SEC. Although never publicly said, it's also one of the reasons why Oklahoma continues to heavily flirt with the Pac-12.

According to this Oklahoma source, the school wants Texas to hold off on some of its plans with ESPN for the television network.

If Beebe is removed and the Longhorn Network is reformed into a more manageable bite for the rest of the conference to swallow, the newspaper's source indicates that Oklahoma, and fellow in-state school Oklahoma State, could remain in the Big 12.

If Oklahoma remains in the Big 12, it could stop the crazy carousel that currently dominates the college athletics conversation. An Associated Press report stated that Big 12 members were already in discussions with the Big East about a possible merger of the two conferences, but that likely won't be necessary if Oklahoma, and likely Texas, find a way to salvage the Big 12.