A Florida teacher’s extracurricular activities got her sent to the principal’s office.

Olivia Sprauer, 26, an English teacher at Martin County High School, was fired after risqué modeling shots were discovered by the school, WPTV-TV channel 5 in West Palm Beach reports.

The suburban mother of two, who had planned to resign at the end of the school year, said she was called into the principal’s office on April 29 and was shown a modeling photo of herself. After Sprauer confirmed it was her, she was asked to resign.

A statement released from the Martin County School District confirmed Sprauer no longer works for the district.

Known by her stage name Victoria Valentine James, she posed in scantily clad bikini promos for xxxtremevisionradio.com.

“About to take some new sexy shots ... Stay tuned!” Sprauer writes on her disenabled Facebook page, which has more than 500 fans.

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Since her true identity was discovered, Sprauer's Facebook page has been filled with fans wishing her well.

“Where was she when I was in school? I would have actually showed up for class,” Ray L. Camp posts.

“And this had what to do with your job? Oh that's right, absolutely NOTHING. Be thankful that the morality (moron) patrol was standing by to punish you for having been born with a human body that you aren't ashamed of!” Mark Peugot writes.

Photos of her two daughters flood her Facebook page. One photo from her 2011 birthday shows a cake in the shape of a book and a recent post shows a $50 gift certificate to a steak restaurant from her students.

Two days before her firing, Sprauer posted a cryptic message, “One day at a time ... I seem be taking it one hour at a time ...”

A few days earlier, she shared her excitement about a surprise family trip to Disney World.

“They have no idea and my kids are Disney fanatics. They are gonna freak for probably a good five minutes in the car!! So excited To tell them I could barely sleep last night, hehehe.”