Olivia Wilde, who starred as Quorra in the 2010 "Tron: Legacy" film, took to Twitter on Wednesday to send "Tron" fans a somewhat amusing message, which also confirms that  "Tron 3" will not be happening. Tron fans were devastated when news of Disney not pushing forward with "Tron 3" was announced last week.  And now, one of the Disney franchise’s star has also confirmed that the sequel will not happen, reports E! News.

Wilde posted a message via Twitter on Wednesday, writing: “Tron fans! Don't trip. Now I don't have to live on seaweed juice and tofu dust for 6 months to fit into a rubber suit.”

This may seem like happy news for the actress, but it definitely is sad for "Tron" fanatics. It was previously reported that Wilde and co-star Garrett Hedlund would be reprising their characters for the latest installment of "Tron." There was also news that "Tron 3" would be directed once again by Joseph Kosinki and that Justin Springer would produce the film. Production was reportedly supposed to start filming in the fall, most likely in Vancouver, British Columbia.

But no details were shared as to why "Tron 3" won’t happen, aside from news that Disney never officially green-lit the project in the first place, a source told the Hollywood Reporter. The source further stated that Disney has chosen not to move forward with a third installment in the sci-fi series.

Despite this, "Tron" fans are still hoping that Disney will consider making the sequel. Currently, a petition is circulating online in hopes of inspiring Disney not to abandon "Tron 3," reported IGN. The message is pretty clear with its opening line of “Revive Tron 3.” The petition states that “Tron: Legacy" "grossed over 400 million dollars and helped more fully realize the world created in the original 'Tron.' It's a shame that Disney has elected not to move forward with a third 'Tron' film as the universe is ripe to be explored. Sign this petition so that we may show Disney that the Grid is too great to never be shown again and to prove that Flynn lives.” 

At the time of this article, more than 28,000 fans had signed the petition.