Tired of the recent “Once Upon a Time” storyline? Well, you’re in luck. The ABC series just put a whole new spin on everything they set up in Season 5.

Emma (Jennifer Morrison) and the others may have just made it back to Storybrooke, but they’re not staying there long. With Gold (Robert Carlyle) now in possession of the Olympian Crystal, everyone in the magical town has something to fear. Since Belle’s (Emilie de Ravin) father won’t wake her from the curse with true love’s kiss, Gold turns to the Olympian Crystal to reunite him with his father. He tethers all of Storybrooke’s magic to the crystal, giving him enough power to conduct the spell.

The Storybrooke heroes quickly figure out that Gold is up to something, but the timing couldn’t be worse. Emma is worried that Hook’s (Colin O’Donoghue) return will trigger the darkness in Regina (Lana Parrilla). And she has good reason to worry. The last time Regina was dark was when her first love, Daniel, died. She cursed the entire town, sending them to Storybrooke.

Regina insists they have nothing to fear from her, but Henry’s (Jared Gilmore) not certain. He decides to enlist Violet’s (Olivia Steele Falconer) help on a mission titled “Operation Mix Tape.” So, what’s the goal for Operation Mix Tape? To destroy all the magic.

Henry uses the Author’s Pen to summon the Olympian Crystal. With the powerful piece of magic in hand, Henry and Violet leave town. Emma and Regina track his cell phone to Boston, but in reality he traveled to New York City in order to use some of the research his father collected.

Back in Storybrooke, everyone begins to panic about the stolen magic. If Henry succeeds in destroying the Olympian Crystal, then they could all be trapped in Storybrooke forever, or worse, destroyed. With Zelena’s (Rebecca Mader) help, Snow (Ginnifer Goodwin), David (Josh Dallas) and Hook open a portal to transport the Storybrooke characters back to the Enchanted Forest. The portal works — perhaps a little too well. After the last character walks through, the magic swallows Zelena, Snow, David and Hook, transporting them to a new, unknown world.

The heroes run into a gardener, whom they question about this new land. However, the man is too nervous to answer — and rightfully so. A guard knocks the heroes out with magic and imprisons them in a jail that even Zelena’s magic can’t break. Fortunately, the gardener doesn’t appear to be evil. He secretly visits them and promises to fix the broken Sorcerer’s Wand if they agree to take him back to Storybrooke with them. With nothing left to lose, they agree. The twist is that they don’t realize that the gardener is actually Dr. Jekyll — and he shares his body with Mr. Hyde.

Meanwhile in New York, Henry stumbles upon more storybooks with untold stories at the Midtown Library. It’s there that Violet shows Henry a display case with a peculiar-looking goblet. Violet says the goblet looks exactly like the Holy Grail, except a dark version of it. The two quickly discover that it has the ability to destroy magic.

Henry wants to take the grail to a safe space to use it, but the two run into Gold in the hallway. Gold knocks the teens out and takes the Olympian Crystal to a luxury suite at a hotel. He begins to use the crystal to open up Pandora’s Box and free Belle from the curse. However, Mr. Hyde takes over Dr. Jekyll’s body and uses the Sorcerer’s Wand to trigger a portal. Gold has to choose between grabbing the Olympian Crystal or Pandora’s Box that holds Belle’s body. He chooses the Olympian Crystal and watches as his wife and child are swallowed up in the portal.

Why does Mr. Hyde want Pandora’s Box? He knows that having the one woman that the Dark One loves will provide leverage.

Believing that Storybrooke could be the land he’s been looking for, Mr. Hyde decides to let Dr. Jekyll believe he’s one step ahead of him. When he transforms back into Dr. Jekyll, he frees the Storybrooke heroes and brings them to his old lab. It’s there that he reveals he’s been working on a serum to separate good from evil. Dr. Jekyll doesn’t have time to take the serum, though. The guard busts into the room and forces a different potion down his throat, transforming him back into Mr. Hyde.

In his evil form, Mr. Hyde swallows the serum and splits from Dr. Jekyll. He’s about to kill him when Hook comes up from behind and stabs him. Zelena storms in and zaps the guard, giving the heroes the opportunity to rescue Dr. Jekyll and make a run from Mr. Hyde.

In New York City, Regina and Emma are doing everything in their power to get the Olympian Crystal back from Gold. They’re afraid of what he might use it for, but now that Pandora’s Box has been swallowed into the Land of Untold Stories, they’re all on the same page ... kind of. Gold lets Regina think she tricked him into letting her into his suite. In reality he was just trying to get his hands on a piece of her hair to travel to the land where Zelena and Belle are. Henry busts in and sees his grandfather threatening Regina and Emma and uses the Holy Grail twin to consume all the magic in the Olympian Crystal. It’s only after the magic is gone that everyone breaks the news to him: His family is stuck in another dimension.

Henry is devastated to find out what happened, but Gold may have a backup plan. He tells them that magic does still exist in their world. It’s just a little harder to find. Gold brings Regina to a man called the Dragon, whom he knows through Peter Pan (Robbie Kay). The Dragon isn’t willing to help Gold, but he sees a “noble battle” deep within Regina and promises to help her. He attempts to open up the portal, but can’t gather enough magic to do so. That’s when he reveals there is more magic in this world that they can use.

Henry takes everyone to a wishing fountain where they all throw pennies into the water. It triggers some magic in the Olympian Crystal, but not enough. Convincing some everyday New Yorkers to trust in him, they manage to open up a portal and bring everyone, including Dr. Jekyll, from the Land of Untold Stories to New York. However, in all the confusion, Gold manages to slip into the Underworld.

Gold tries to threaten Mr. Hyde into handing over Pandora’s Box, but the evil man has something up his sleeve. He tells Gold he has the information to wake Belle from her slumber, but he wants to make a deal.

Meanwhile in New York, Dr. Jekyll provides another gift to his saviors — the serum. Regina so desperately wants to separate herself from the Evil Queen, and this is her way to do it. She injects the serum into herself and finds herself face to face with her villain self. But she hesitates to kill that side of her. Finally, with Snow and Emma’s encouragement, she rips out the heart of the Evil Queen and crushes it.

With that dark part of Regina gone, the group returns home. However, they have an unexpected new resident. Mr. Hyde is in Storybrooke after making a deal with Gold. The Dark One promised that Mr. Hyde could have Storybrooke ... and he’s brought some friends.

That’s not the only problem the gang will have to deal with in Season 6 of “Once Upon a Time.” Regina didn’t succeed in killing the Evil Queen. Her villainous side visits the Dragon and rips out his heart.