A Royal Navy crewman was shot to death and another is seriously wounded inside the HMS Astute nuclear submarine docked at Southampton, England.

The shooter, another Royal Navy servicemen, was arrested after he was overpowered and detained by other crewmembers. During the incident, three members of Southampton City Council were also in the vessel’s control room.

Two Royal Navy personnel have been involved in a firearms incident at Southampton docks where HMS Astute is alongside,” said a spokesman for the Ministry of Defense

Sadly, one has now died as a result of his injuries. The Royal Navy is now attempting to inform their families as a matter of urgency. A third Royal Navy serviceman has been arrested by Hampshire Constabulary and is now in custody.

Just prior to the bizarre murder, eleven young children were standing on the quayside waiting to board the submarine as part of a school function.

British police are interviewing thirty potential witnesses to ascertain what exactly happened.

However, a spokesperson for the police said the shooting was not connected in any way to terrorism
The vessel, which has been assessed by senior naval personnel, is safe, said Chief Superintendent Dave Thomas of the Hampshire Police.

BBC reported that the man taken under custody was transferred to Hampshire police by Ministry of Defense police.

Defense Secretary Liam Fox commented: I am greatly saddened to hear of this incident and of the death of a Royal Navy service person in this tragic incident. It is right and proper that a full police investigation is carried out and allowed to take its course. My thoughts and sympathies are with those who have been affected and their families.

A source told the Daily Telegraph the shooting occurred as a result of a dispute between sailors during a changing of the guards.

“It appears this [crewman] got into an argument then just went crazy and began shooting people. He has not served in Afghanistan so it doesn’t appear to be related to combat stress like PTSD [post traumatic stress disorder],” the source said.

A local resident told the BBC: I saw at least six people carry a stretcher off the gangway into a waiting ambulance. There were a couple of forensic people who have now left. If you can have a shooting like this on a nuclear submarine it is worrying.

Police have sealed off the area around the Southampton docks.

The 318-foot HMS Astute is the UK's newest nuclear submarine. Its Spearfish torpedoes and Tomahawk cruise missiles can deliver strikes from 1,240 miles with conventional weapons.