OnLive is looking to change the face of gaming by creating a console-less environment.

The Palo Alto, Calif.-based gaming company announced a partnership with Vizio at this year's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas to bring its service directly to the latter's HDTVs, Via tablet, Via phone and its line of blu-ray players.

Today's OnLive/Vizio announcement marks a major milestone: for the first time in the history of video games, consumers will be able to enjoy premium video games directly on a TV, no console or computer needed, said Steve Perlman, founder and chief executive officer of OnLive, in a statement.

OnLive's cloud-based platform means the games operate in constantly-upgraded data centers rather than in local devices. This allows for game performance to steadily improve over time as the device ages.

Vizio's innovative and cutting-edge technologies are ideally aligned to complement OnLive's vision for the future of entertainment and together we look forward to providing a wealth of rich-media, interactive content to consumers this year, Perlman said.

The cloud-based environment means gamers can seamlessly move from one Vizio device to the next; and not have to start over. OnLive said the titles available on its platform will be popular games such as Assassin's Creed and Shaun White skateboarding.

Via Plus users will also be able to enjoy the unparalleled convenience of playing the latest hit gaming titles with the freedom to switch games much like you change the channel, Matthew McRae, chief technology officer at Vizio, said in a statement.

OnLive will offer game purchases/rentals ranging from $2.99 to $49.99. It also recently announced a monthly $9.99 all-you-can-play plan called a PlayPack.

The company said its cloud-based gaming platform is available on other TVs with the purchase of an adapter.