Normally you would purchase a car with cash or credit or by financing through a bank. One carmaker, however, is enabling you to pay a different way: with bitcoins.

The company is called “Soleil Motors” (soleil is French for sun, hence the brand’s star insignia) and its first model is the Anadi, a customizable luxury sports car “hand-built in Milan, Italy.”

Soleil is the first manufacturer to accept the cryptocurrency. “We’re pioneers, just like [bitcoin users] are,” Adhar Srivastava, founder and CEO of Soleil Motors, said. “We want to try something different to show it can be done.” Soleil doesn’t expect to sell a large amount of cars by accepting bitcoins; Srivastava said that most of the cars will still be purchased the traditional way.

If the car looks slightly familiar, that’s because it is -- the Anadi is based on the sixth-generation Chevrolet Corvette and boasts that legendary beast's interior dimensions. The body and interior are somewhat different, though, and the car can be customized to suit a patron’s desires.

“We’ve even installed humidors,” Srivastava said, in case some customers are cigar connoisseurs.

This overhaul doesn’t come cheap, however; the basic Anadi is just shy of $300,000, which is about five times what an actual Corvette cost in 2013.

The current bitcoin conversion? About 600.