HP kicked off a fire sale this weekend, dropping the whole family of its Touchpad tablet computers to bargain-basement prices, but with most retailers selling out within minutes, where can you find one?

According to online deals forum, Slickdeals, the only retailers left with anything left in stock are the ones carrying them at full-price. That means this deal is essentially over.

The site lists these as place with inventory left, as of 4pm EST:







--La Curacao

But you don't have to pay full price. It seems scalpers have picked up the discounted TouchPad and they are moving quickly on Ebay. The regularly priced $499 tablet is going for around $255 on the online auction shop.

Granted, this is a far-cry from the give-away price of $99, but below $300 is still less than the $499 iPad, and Android based competitors as well.

Comparatively, the Amazon Kindle is $140, meaning slightly less than $100 more can get you a fully fledged tablet computer, but still save over competing brands.