Oppo has filed a patent for a one-of-a-kind feature, where a smartphone’s UI color theme changes based on the outfit of the device owner.

According to GSM Arena, an anonymous tipster stumbled on to such a patent that will adapt to the device owner’s clothing color and in turn, replicate the exact color on the UI’s theme. Phones of today come with neutral colors like black, white, silver or gold to make sure it blends with any color of the outfit. But apparently, Oppo is working futuristically to make devices conform to owner’s clothing color choice.

The patent title, as given in Espacenet, is “Method And System For Replacing Theme Of A Mobile Terminal On The Basis Of A User's Clothes Color.” The description of the patent said the handset with this technology on board will be able to capture an image of the clothing, pick the color based on it and change the UI theme.  

The RGB value of the clothing will reportedly be calculated by “averaging the colors” found in the captured photo. Following which, the theme RGB average value is adjusted within the ambit of the clothing’s RGB average. This way, the UI theme on the mobile terminal will be altered based on the average value.

Now, the question comes to anyone’s mind is -- Will it not be easier to buy a replaceable colorful case based on the color choice of the outfit? For instance, Lumia handsets already come with colorful, alterable back panels. At this point, there is no official information available to ascertain if there’s any other advantage to such a technology. Plus, there is no way to figure out when exactly will this technology be part of the smartphones.

On a related note, Oppo has been very innovative from the time it started making phones. Oppo handsets are known for its brilliant battery life and rapid charging capability. Very recently, Oppo launched a new ultra fast charging standard. This standard has the ability to charge a smartphone, housed with 2,500 mAh battery capacity, from 0 percent to 100 percent within 15 minutes.