Oracle OpenWorld is the largest information technology event in the world. Oracle uses the showcase in San Francisco, Calif. to help sell its information management software to businesses everywhere. Oracle CEO Larry Ellison will give the opening address and executives from Dell, EMC, Cisco and Infosys will make keynote addresses later this week week.

Ellison will spend his time talking about Oracle's vision for engineered systems - hardware and software built to work together. The theme will feature insights into industry trends and upcoming technology breakthroughs and innovations. You can even watch live Oracle OpenWorld keynotes, sessions and more on YouTube.

If you're in San Francisco for the convention, there's obviously tons of art, music, culture and food activity to keep you super busy. If you're a business thinking of doing some networking and such, OpenWorld is good place to start, but there are also tons of other tech businesses in the surrounding blocks near the Moscone Center.

Additionally, there are some other things OpenWorld offers, so here they are iPhone 5 rumor style!

Oracle has already announced two new database servers as part of its latest product launches. Oracle will announce its latest acquision. Hewlett-Packard recently bought Autonomy and that purchase was slathered in rumors that Oracle would buy HP in the right kind of deal, GigaOm reported.

Furthermore, because Oracle specializes in large IT style business packages, they could start trying to get people to see them as a viable partner in cloud based services as well. Beyond that, it will be much of Oracle selling its services to the businesses who attend, and for more info on that, check out PC World's report on the business side of things.

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