Our favorite jailbirds have been released from prison early! Instead of “Orange Is the New Black” releasing all 13 episodes of Season 3 to Netflix at its scheduled time of Thursday at midnight PST, fans of the hit dramedy received a “taystee” treat when the streaming began six hours early.

“ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK SEASON 3 is up now LIVE TO STREAM!!” Ruby Rose, who portrays Stella in the new installment, announced on Twitter Thursday night. “Go on with yo good selves!!”

And we did! The surprise release gave audiences ample time to catch a few episodes before they went to bed. But that left us curious as to whether the early streaming would affect the binge-watching game plan of the show’s dedicated fans.

While some viewers will enjoy the new season at a slow pace, watching an episode here and there, others will quickly gobble down all the “OITNB” goodness in 13 hours. And we can’t blame them -- especially not after what Laura Gómez, who plays the hilarious Blanca, told us.

The actress revealed to International Business Times an eye-widening scoop about Season 3 -- addressing one moment in particular that left her speechless. “I can say that I was incredibly shocked with one specific episode that I read. I was like, we’re really stepping up the game this season,” she said before promising “this season won’t disappoint. It will bring more conversation to the table.”

For those planning to binge-watch the entire third season of “OITNB,” Time shared a few tips -- with a healthy twist! The advice ranged from what treats you should snack on while watching the prison series to a fitness game that’s sure to raise your heart rate (as if the show didn't already!).

So, that leaves us with this question: Are you binge-watching Season 3 of “Orange Is the New Black”? What are your tips for watching every episode back to back, or do you prefer to view at a leisurely pace? Sound off in the comments section below and don’t forget to take our poll!