Today, the Oreo cookie turns 100-years old! The Nabisco treat is known for it's heartfelt commercials and a partnership with Nascar. 

So what makes the Oreo cookie so special? According to New York Chef Shawn Gawle:

Dipping, taking them apart, they have become so playful and interactive. Everyone has their own individual way of eating them, plus the texture is great.

To mark the occasion the Chicago Tribune  has released a detailed timeline of all things Oreo while is asking that the public share their own fond memories of the cookies. This includes photos, videos, and general stories. The Moments Gallery on the site features cutesy photos of toddlers with Oreo stained faces. Many have noted that the delicious cookies evoke the spirit of childhood. But while today may be about the Oreo, here are some other famous cookies and how old they are. 

Warning: Upon reading you may experience a strong sugar craving.