Now, the English can watch Johnny English on Facebook.

Universal Pictures announced Tuesday that for the first time, it is offering its Facebook Social Cinema application to international users.

The 2003 Johnny English film is available for rent on Facebook in the United Kingdom and Australia -- and in the United States.

The announcement coincides with the theatrical release of Johnny English Reborn, the sequel to Rowan Atkinson's comedy. That film will be released in the United States on October 21. It's already in theaters in the UK and Australia.

It costs $3.00 -- 30 Facebook credits -- to rent Johnny English through the site, here. For $3.00, the movie will be available for 48 hours. Users can comment on the movie and read comments that friends and other Johnny English Facebook fans have made.

Universal also has released The Big Lebowski and Scarface on Facebook. Those titles are available to consumers in the United States.