Not all is what it seems in New Orleans. Episode 5 of “The Originals” revealed that Davina has a right to have a vendetta against the witches, and Sophie’s intentions for Hayley and the Mikaelson family are not as pure as initially believed.

So, what did we discover in “Saints and Sinners?” The history of the witch ceremony, The Harvest.

The Harvest is a ritual done every three centuries in order to keep the ancestral power flowing. Teenage girls are lined up and four of them are “chosen” for the harvest – one of them being Davina, and another one Monique, the daughter of Jane Anne and niece of Sophie.

The four girls were to be celebrated as saviors of the community. During the Harvest they were told that a knife infused with magic would cut their palms and put them into a slumber. They would then be reawakened and “reborn” during the Reaping.

But that’s not what happened during the Harvest. Instead of having her palm cut, the first girl had her throat cut, causing pandemonium and panic for the other three girls.

The ritual happened eight months ago, at a time when Marcel didn’t have complete control over the witches … and in fact was hooking up with Sophie. Sophie had renounced the witches, believing that the Harvest wasn’t real and instead a mistake to kill the teen girls.

Wanting to stop the Harvest from happening, Sophie refused Marcel’s help due to the bad blood between him and the witches. Instead Sophie turned to Father Kiernan, the uncle of Cami and her twin brother Sean.

Father Kiernan tried to talk the witches out of sacrificing the girls, but they ignored him. Instead one of them placed a hex on Sean, a student in the seminary. The hex on Sean drove him mad to the point where he murdered the other student in the seminary before killing himself.

With Father Kiernan preoccupied, the witches went through with the Harvest, but what they didn’t know is that Father Kiernan had asked Marcel to intervene in the ritual … and that’s exactly what he did. Marcel wasn’t able to stop three of the girls from having their throats cut, but he did manage to save Davina.

The reason Davina is so powerful is that the witches that died passed their powers onto her. All the powers were supposed to go back into the earth when Davina was sacrificed, but they stayed with the young witch since she lived.

As for why all the witches want her? Time for the Harvest is running out and the witches still want to sacrifice Davina. The young witch must die in order to complete the ritual or the witches will lose all their power.

But Sophie wants Davina for a different reason. If the Harvest doesn’t happen then it means that the Reaping won’t happen … and that means that she’ll have lost her niece Monique for good. Through a flashback viewers learn that Sophie promised her sister that she’d bring back Monique … even if she had to cut Davina’s throat herself. And while the act proved to be difficult thanks to Davina’s power, the New Orleans witch caught a break when Hayley wandered into town.

Episode 5 of “The Originals” concluded with Elijah offering his mother’s spell books to Davina and Sophie revealing why Sabine tried to have Hayley killed -- because she had a vision that Hayley and Klaus’ baby would bring death to all the witches.

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