Vampires and werewolves and witches -- oh my! “The Originals” returned to the small screen on Monday, Oct. 13 with episode 2 of the show’s second season. And you can bet “Alive & Kicking” was packed to the brim with bloody goodness.

Episode 2 began with a blast from the past for our favorite Originals, giving context to Elijah (Daniel Gillies) and Klaus’ (Joseph Morgan) relationship with Marcel. Klaus, who loved Marcel like a son in his youth, became very jealous when his older brother and his ward began growing closer. Their relationship lead the hybrid to come up with an (unsuccessful) plan to use Kol (Nathaniel Buzolic) as a tool to get even with his brother. But all that did was result in the death of many New Orleans residents and Kol -- twice. Just when Buzolic returned from his “Originals” hiatus he was quickly -- and countlessly -- taken away from us!

But throughout the flashbacks, which were twisted throughout the story line of episode 2, “The Originals” continued with the plot of Elijah and Klaus on the hunt for the creator of the moonlight rings and the holder of the white oak stake. But their mission came with a few obstacles to say the least.

Klaus needed Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin), who was struggling with her new hybrid powers, to get her former pack to side with them instead of running to the moonlight ring-creating witch for an alliance. This would result in Hayley becoming their Queen -- that is, if they would have her.

Meanwhile, Elijah was hell-bent on finding the white oak stake, which would require the help from a certain Harvest witch. His only in with the mystical teen? Elijah's good friend Marcel (Charles Davis).

Elijah knew Davina (Danielle Campbell) had the weapon. He could tell when he caught the witch off guard in Marcel’s home, confronting her about the stake. But Elijah wasn’t the only one who wanted to get his hand around the weapon powerful enough to kill him and his brother (along with the rest of the vampire community). Cassie also wanted whatever Davina was hiding away in her attic -- and she uses her heartthrob of a son Kaleb (Daniel Sharmon) as part of that plan to achieve her goal.

She had Kaleb take Davina out to dinner to swindle information from the young witch. But unbeknownst to her son, Cassie had a pack of wolves interrupt their meal. When all the wolves ganged up on Davina she summoned Mikael (Sebastian Roche), who raced to her rescue (due to her controlling bracelet). But during the attack, Davina lost the magic binding Mikael to her. As soon as he saw the turn of events he attempted to chow down on the witch who had being holding him hostage. That’s when Elijah busted through the door, sending Mikael flying across the room.

Fortunately for Elijah, Davina returned the favor when Mikael had the stake inches above Elijah’s chest. She found her bracelet and sent Mikael, the vampire who hunts vampires, racing back behind closed doors.

While Elijah reunited with his father in a rather brutal reunion, Klaus met up with his mom -- well, at least we know it was his mom. The angry hybrid wanted to meet the 16-year-old witch who was creating moonlight rings without his permission. And when he did, he noticed that Cassie has some odd similarities to his mother.

“I met the witch -- Cassie. I studied her, her presence,” he told his brother. “I looked into that girl’s eyes and I swear to you, Elijah, she is not just guided by our mother. She is our mother.” That’s when Elijah broke the news that both their parents are back, leaving the boys with one question: Which of their parents do they kill first?

It’s also important to note that Kaleb lied to his mother about his father being alive. Yep, he totally pulled the I-blacked-out-and-didn't-see-a-thing-during-the-attack card. Looks like momma's little boy isn't as compliant as she had thought.

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