“Orphan Black” fans, aka the Clone Club, can rejoice: Season 3 has officially been ordered by BBC America. The network announced the 10-episode season at the Television Critics Association press panel on Wednesday. While fans are still mourning the Emmy snub, they can start thinking about what they want to see in Season 3. Check out some storylines we'd like to see in Season 3 below:

1. Cal sticks around to be Kira’s dad. Kira manages to get kidnapped every few weeks. The more adult supervision she has, the better.

2. Explore the military involvement with Project Castor. This was where it looked like Season 3 was headed after the Season 2 finale. Paul came back and revealed he was a double agent for the military spying on DYAD.

3. Felix will get a life. Felix is a great character who always adds comic relief and helps the clones out of sticky situations … but that’s it. In Season 2, he kind of just became a sidekick for the clones. Felix needs to regain his independence. If Tony, the transgender clone, returns to “Orphan Black,” maybe he can help Felix figure out how to balance a personal life with clone life.

4. Bring back Delphine. Season 2 left Delphine in Germany while Cosima was dying. Cosima and Delphine, aka Cophine, tend to be the Clone Club’s favorite couple (though Alison and Donnie are a close second). Whether Cosima dies or not, Delphine should be by her side.

5. Explore Charlotte’s life. Charlotte is the first clone not to be played by Tatiana Maslany. Viewers have never seen much of the clones as children, and Charlotte would be the perfect opportunity to explore that.

6. Proletheans will come back. Bonnie did not die when Helena burned down the farm last season. She has to be angry about losing so many Proletheans, but she also probably wants Helena’s babies. Remember, Bonnie’s husband used his own sperm to impregnate Helena.

7. Helena being a mom. The timeline of “Orphan Black” isn’t really clear, but hopefully audiences will see Helena as a mom after she gives birth … if the military lets her near her babies.

8. More adventures with Alison and Donnie. They are the couple who unintentionally murder people. Who wouldn’t want more of them?

9. Rachel realizing she needs her sisters. All the clones are in danger of dying. With Duncan gone, Cosima has to find the cure. Without Cosima’s research, Rachel will eventually die.

BONUS: Project Castor spinoff. This is technically outside of Season 3, but this is the perfect opportunity for a spinoff. How is Mark, a Prolethean, going to discover that he is a clone? What are the male clones like? It’s something that audiences want to see, but no one wants time taken away from the Project Leda clones. Double the shows, double the clone drama, double the fun. 

"Orphan Black" will return to BBC America in Spring 2015. What do you hope to see in "Orphan Black" Season 3? Sound off in the comments below!