Proletheans Orphan Black
Helena may have burned down the Proletheans' farm in "Orphan Black" Season 2, but that doesn't mean they're all dead. BBC America

“Orphan Black” fans know not to accept a death until the body is in the morgue. So they won’t be too surprised to hear that Helena’s arson didn’t kill all of the Proletheans on the farm.

Co-creator Graeme Manson told TV Line that Bonnie made it out of the fire. “And we do like Kristin Booth, who plays Bonnie," Manson added.

Though Bonnie is still around, the cult-like Proletheans needed their following to function properly. “They’re much reduced,” warned Manson, “but an angry Prolethean is a scary thing.”

The Proletheans are religious extremists on the clone drama. In the first season, we met Proletheans like Tomas who believed the clones to be an abomination. He sent Helena to kill the other clones because creating people in a lab is against God’s will. But Tomas’ death didn’t end the Prolethean threat. In the second season, a new sect of Proletheans was introduced. Henrik and his farm of people believe that the clones are God’s will, and they are doing God’s work by making sure Helena’s genes live on. They artificially inseminated Helena with Henrik’s sperm and also used Helena’s eggs to impregnate Henrik’s daughter Gracie against her will (also using her father’s sperm).

Helena burned down the Prolethean farm when she escaped with Gracie. Supposedly, everyone except Bonnie is dead…if only audiences could trust “Orphan Black” to stick to their word. Viewers will remember Helena ‘dying’ at the end of Season 1. Writers and actors both reacted as if the character was gone for good just to have Helena reveal her miraculous survival in the Season 2 premiere.

After Helena’s death, her portrayer Tatiana Maslany told Entertainment Tonight, “I love them and love playing them and want to play them always, so it's heartbreaking. You invest a lot of yourself into the characters you play, so there's always a grieving process when one dies.”

Maslany knew the whole time that Helena wasn’t dead. After the Season 2 premiere, she told Entertainment Weekly, “I did know. We were all bulls—-ing the whole time. [laughing] The bigger acting challenge was doing interviews. ‘Oh, I really miss Helena…’”

While some Proletheans might be dead or injured, they aren’t gone. Bonnie always seemed pretty dedicated to her husband and their beliefs. She will probably want to build up the Proletheans again and find Helena (who was taken hostage by the military) and Gracie.

Where do think the Proletheans are going in Season 3? Do you hope they disappear forever or are they some of the most interesting villains? Sound off in the comments below!