The drama never stops when you’re a clone. “Orphan Black” Season 4 returns in April, and new spoilers reveal that the clones will be revisiting the past. That means the BBC America drama will focus more on the personal relationships, but that isn’t always good news. A new synopsis and a new trailer hint at trouble for Sarah (Tatiana Maslany) and her “seestras.”

1. Felix’s Struggle – While Sarah is still in Iceland with Mrs. S (Maria Doyle Kennedy), Felix (Jordan Gavaris) will be on his own, and he might not be happy about being out of the drama. “We find Sarah’s battle-worn foster brother Felix accepting that he’s been left behind, and trying to pick up the pieces of his life – post ‘clone gate,’” the synopsis reveals.

2. Helena and Alison’s Bond – The two clones couldn’t be more different, but Alison (Maslany) will still be housing Helena (Maslany). In the trailer, Donnie (Kristian Bruun) even takes her to her prenatal appointments. Alison will be “enjoying the spoils of the drug trade with husband Donnie and helping the once rabid Helena settle into domesticity” during Season 4.

3. Rachel’s Mother – Rachel (Maslany) didn’t seem happy to be reunited with her adoptive mother, Susan Duncan (Rosemary Dunsmore), at the end of Season 3. However, their relationship will apparently change. The two are “attempting a reconciliation,” but does Rachel really want to get along or does she have to follow orders while she is in her mother’s care?

Rachel Duncan Rachel (Maslany) will bond with her mother in "Orphan Black" Season 4. Photo: BBC America

4. New Clones – M.K. (Maslany) reveals an accent in this trailer, and the synopsis makes it clear that the Project Leda clones aren’t the only ones with a new sibling. Ira (Ari Millen) is the latest project Castor Clone. His character description reveals that he “is a far cry from his brothers. Slick to the naked eye, he’s cut entirely from a different cloth.”

5. New Characters – It’s not just new clones joining “Orphan Black” Season 4. Check out the gang of newbies joining the drama: “Joel Thomas Hynes as Dizzy, an edgy hacker who doesn’t conform to group mentality; Jessalyn Wanlim as Evie Cho, a powerful, bioengineer; Lauren Hammersley as Adele, a wickedly-intelligent lawyer with a bit of a drinking problem; Gord Rand as Detective Duko, a mysterious figure with ties to Neolution; and Ian Matthews and Miranda Edwards as Frank and Roxie, Neolution’s clean-up crew.”

6. Krystal Is Free – The blonde clone (Maslany) seems to have escaped DYAD and is seen in a fertility clinic in the promo video below. Will Krystal be one of the few clones that can get pregnant?

7. Delphine’s I.D. – Cosima’s (Maslany) love appears in DYAD’s records at the 14-second mark, but she isn’t listed as dead. “Employment suspended” is written on her security clearance. Terminated would be a permanent situation, but suspended makes it sound like she could come back. Will she survive the shooting?

Watch the “Orphan Black” Season 4 trailer below:

“Orphan Black” Season 4 premieres on a new night at a new time. Episode 1 airs Thursday, April 14 at 10 p.m. EST on BBC America.