On the one-year anniversary of terrorist leader Osama Bin Laden's death, the news broke that California treasure hunter Bill Warren believes he has located the al-Qaeda leaders' remains and will have the body in his possession as soon as he can rent the necessary deep-sea diving equipment.

In an interview with Spanish Newspaper El Mundo, Warren stated that he is absolutely certain that he has located the body of Bin Laden.

I've located where they threw him away, he boasted. I'm the only one with this information. He's 200 miles to the west of the Indian city of Surat.

Warren has deduced that the body has not moved since it was dropped over-board, since the Navy weighted down the bag. After studying photos recently released by the US Navy depicting the 'burial at sea,' Warren is ready to go after his latest prize. All he needs now is $200,000 to finance the operation.

Bill Warren claims to have discovered over 200 shipwrecks in his career and is currently staying in Azerbaijan, working with the local government to help locate old ships. However, he says he hopes to start his mission to extract Osama Bin Laden's body by June 1, and expect to have the body in his possession in under a week. He also noted that the search will last three months at the most, and added that the only way he might fail is if the US government decides to intervene by either sinking his boat or assassinating him.

Once the body is located and recovered, Warren says he will photograph and videotape it as evidence before conducting a DNA test onboard his ship.

The treasure hunter has a bit of a history chasing 'fool's gold,' literally. Warren has twice gone after the famed Trinidad, a Spanish ship loaded with Aztec gold that sunk off the coast of California in 1540. In 1976 and again in 1987, when he claimed  that he had located the lost ship and its gold, but obviously he was wrong then.

Warren stated that he is determined the find Osama Bin Laden's body because he does not believe the Obama administration, and needs to prove to himself that they really did kill the terrorist leader and bury him at sea.

We do this because we are patriotic Americans and feel that President Obama failed to provide the proof, he told TMZ.