The Academy Awards ceremony is arguably one of if not the most prestigious and widely viewed events in Hollywood, and this year it’s expected to draw in even more viewers. According to the New York Times, advertising prices for commercials during the upcoming ceremony have soared to a five-year high. In addition to the red carpet fashion, Hollywood hobnobbing and, of course, the awards themselves, you can expect that viewers will be waiting to see what scandals unfold over the night.

Here is our list of the four most shocking Oscar scandals:

1.“South Park” creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker caused a stir at the 2000 Academy Awards when they showed up in drag and tripping on acid. The comedic duo, whose dresses clearly imitated gowns donned by Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Lopez, kept in character the entire night, telling reporters how “magical” the night was for them and twirling for the cameras. “We're not ashamed of our bodies,'' Parker told Reuters. ''This event is the most important thing in the world.''

trey reuters matt stone Matt Stone and Trey Parker arrive at the 2000 Oscars. Photo: Reuters

2. Before she became known for her humanitarian efforts, Angelina Jolie was considered something of a wild child in Hollywood, and sharing a passionate embrace with her brother at the 2000 Oscars certainly did nothing to help that perception. Another thing that didn’t help was when, in the first few seconds of her acceptance speech for Best Supporting Actress, Jolie announced to the crowd that she was “so in love” with her brother. “I’m in shock,” Jolie said after taking the microphone. “And I’m so in love with my brother right now,” she added, letting out a titter of nervous laughter. "He just held me and said he loved me." Whatever else Jolie may have said in that speech, that was pretty much the only thing that anyone talked about or remembered.

3. Icelandic indie darling Bjork caused quite a stir when she arrived on the red carpet for the 2001 Oscar’s dressed in what can only be described as a swan. The idiosyncratic songstress donned a feathery white dress with an elongated neck that craned around her own and eggs hidden within the folds of her dress that she ceremoniously dropped throughout the night. When asked about her unique gown on camera, Bjork smiled and, seemingly unaware of the strange looks she was already getting, began petting her dress.

4. Because Angelina Jolie’s unique brand of kookiness can’t be fully contained in just one Oscar scandal mention, we also included her in the No. 4 spot on our list. When Jolie stepped onto the 2012 Oscar’s red carpet in a black velvet Atelier Versace gown with a thigh-high slit, she was upstaged by her own leg. The bold slit forced Jolie to continually pose with her right leg thrust out the entire night, prompting endless mockery and a parody Twitter account called @AngiesRightLeg that posted sporadic messages like “Look at the leg!” and “You have to admit I’m one hell of a leg.” 

download Angelina Jolie arrives on the red carpet accompanied by her right leg. Photo: Reuters

Bonus: Because no list would be complete without him, we’ll leave you with on one last bonus scandal: Marlon Brando at the 1973 Oscars, or rather his envoy, Sacheen Littlefeather. Despite being nominated for arguably the best performance of his life, his role as Vito Corleone in “The Godfather,” Brando declined to show up at the ceremony and instead sent a native rights activist to explain why he could not accept the award. “Marlon Brando has asked me to tell you, in a very long speech which I cannot share with you presently because of time, but I will be glad to share with the press afterwards, that he very regretfully cannot accept this very generous award. And the reasons for this being are the treatment of American Indians today by the film industry,” Littlefeather told the audience.